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Comic Pictures with Cats

Picture with a cat showing a gesture all is well

 Cats are one of the most popular pets due to their cuteness, intelligence, and also independence, which makes them the perfect pet for those individuals who happen to be busy and are not able to always spare some time. In fact, in the United States, cats are the most popular pets, with an estimated one-third of all households having a pet cat. This equates to a lot of cat doors!

 It is believed that people have looked after pet cats for close to 10,000 years, and over this time cats have been domesticated to become the animals they are today. The first pet cats were much larger and much more aggressive, with an estimated 95.6% of all domestic cats today sharing genes with tigers. Cats are one of the most chilled out pets, and we can actually learn a lot from them.

 Cats spend around 70% of their life sleeping which is equivalent to between 13 and 16 hours a day. This is a natural instinct as cats tend to use up a lot of energy while hunting, although admittedly most pet cats rarely hunt.

 Furthermore, when the weather happens to be very hot, cats will sleep for long periods of time as that is how they are able to cool down and regulate their temperature better.

 You can view some of these energetic cats that have just woken up from their long nap in this article of comic pictures with cats.

 One thing that is true about all pet cats out there; is that no matter how old they happen to be they still play like little kittens when you dangle a ball on a string in front of them or some other toy that they like. This innocence and pure joy is something that can be a very interesting topic for you to draw in your own art style. It is very likely that you personally have a pet cat or at least know someone who does; therefore it is worth a try.

 We have included a wide variety of cats created in a comic style below that you are free to have a look at.

Picture of a cheerful cat with a blue bow

Comic cat invites everyone to go to the beach

Picture with a cute kitten

Picture of a cat crossing a pedestrian crossing

Fantastic cat looks with surprise at the mobile phone

Picture of a cat looking at a laptop and dreaming of eating a fish

Beautiful cat sitting on a chair

Funny cat playing with a banknote

Picture of a black cat with big eyes

Comic cat dressed as Santa Claus

Picture of a smart cat with glasses

Picture of a funny cat with a pink bow

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