Painting with sea waves and flying seagulls




Interesting Paintings of Pretty Birds

Painting of pretty Bluethroat bird

 Birds are our neighbors that we enjoy feeding in the cities, towns, or villages that we happen to live in. Although birds are not very popular pets, there are one of the most populous wild animals around the world.

 Thanks, mainly to the fact that they live in nests far away from where they can be disturbed. It is estimated that in the United States alone there are billions of birds made up of over 1107 species, most of which are wild birds living in rural and urban parts of the country.

 Our friendly neighbors have not been living with us just for a few years but since the beginning of human cities, in fact, birds have lived so long with us that they have adapted to us. The most numerous birds that you will find in cities such as crows, pigeons, and seagulls all have big heads which is part of the evolutionary process where the smartest birds are able to thrive and survive in our cities.

 Our bird friends have an interesting relationship with humans, despite most birds living in the wild; humans go out of their way to feed them. Whether that is to feed them with spare bread or grains from their house, or to set up bird feeding stations in their gardens that birds can freely visit if they wish to. Some of these beautiful birds are featured in our interesting paintings of pretty birds.

 Not all birds, however, are the same; it is a very diverse species group that includes birds that live primarily in water such as ducks and swans and also birds that live on lands such as chickens and ostriches. Since the beginning of civilization before humans had even started writing, we were painting on whatever suitable surfaces that we can find such as caves or items such as pottery. To this day painting remains a very popular hobby that is noted as a great way to relax.

 You are interested in taking a look at some awesome paintings of birds? Believe it is great. Then you are in luck because we have compiled some of the best such paintings for you to check out below.

Painting of two pretty white doves in flowers

Oil painting two bird cranes take off at sunset

Painting bird owl sitting on a tree

Original oil painting bright rooster

Oil painting two parrots on a branch

Painting with a beautiful bird

Oil painting on canvas bright peacock

Oil painting of several flamingos at sunset

Painting of a bird on a branch

Original oil painting on canvas bird mighty eagle

Oil painting birds on a branch

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