Painting with sea waves and flying seagulls




Interesting Paintings of Cute Cats

Painting of a cute cat lying on its back and raising its tail

 Cats, these cute cuddly animals that we like to have as pets, are ancestors of some of the most leading predators on our planet such as tigers, lions, and panthers to name just a few. All around the world, cats are in fierce competition with dogs for the 1st spot of the most popular pets.

 One of the reasons why cats are such a popular pet is that they are very independent and graceful; you do not need to spend hours walking them every day. Instead, you can just get them a cat personal hygiene tray that they will use without a lot of hesitation; after all, they are very clean animals. Furthermore, cats don’t like to be trained, they instead try and get their way with you.

 The cute cats of the world come in all kinds of different sizes, looks, colors, and personalities as you will see in these interesting paintings of cute cats article.

 How wonderful it is to look at paintings with graceful cats in a calm home environment or at the time of active work. You will receive inspiration and energy boost.

 Everyone’s appetite is different; some cats like to eat more than others, while others are not that passionate for food and instead eat to live. Other cats enjoy laying at home, while others are more adventurous and always getting themselves in trouble. Cats are a great pet for busy people, while also being great companions for when you are watching T.V. although their loud purring can make it harder to hear what is going on sometimes.

 The beauty of cats is that all of them have a playful side. To test this theory, all you have to do is to get a napkin and dangle it above them, and you will see them start leaping in excitement. This is a natural characteristic because before cats were domesticated and had to fend for themselves, they learned to hunt and survive by playing with other cats.

 Take a look below, and you will definitely love the artistic creations of cute cats living their best life.

Oil painting cat with a big mustache

Oil painting fat cat with big eyes

Oil painting cat face close up

Oil painting cat lies with oranges

Funny cat on the background of the sea

Painting of a lying cat against the background of the Egyptian Pyramids

Oil painting cat licks its paw

Cheerful oil painting cats fishing with a fishing rod

Illustration of a cat in different colors

Painting cute cat face close up

Painting of a cheerful green cat

Beautiful cat with blue eyes looks attentively

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