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Fascinating Paintings with the Participation of Dogs

The Hunter, Adriaen Beeldemaker, 1653, Original Painting

 Overview of various paintings involving dogs.

Painting Title: Bear Hunt. Painter: Paulus Potter. Date Created: 1649. Dutch Painting.

Bear Hunt, Painter: Paulus Potter, 1649, Dutch Painting

Painting Title: Pallas Athena and the Herdsman’s Dogs. Painter: Briton Riviere. Date Created: 1876. British Painting.

Pallas Athena and the Herdsman's Dogs, Painter: Briton Riviere, 1876, British Painting

Painting Title: Hunters Resting. Painter: Dirk Stoop. Date Created: 1650-1655. Dutch Painting.

Hunters Resting, Painter: Dirk Stoop, 1650-1655, Dutch Painting

Painting Title: The Hunter. Painter: Adriaen Beeldemaker. Date Created: 1653. Dutch Painting.

The Hunter, Painter: Adriaen Beeldemaker, 1653, Dutch Painting

Painting Title: The Deer Hunt. Painter: Abraham Hondius. Date Created: 1650-1695. Dutch Painting.

The Deer Hunt, Painter: Abraham Hondius, 1650-1695, Dutch Painting

Painting Title: Hunting Dogs with Dead Hare. Painter: Gustave Courbet. Date Created: 1857. French Painting.

Hunting Dogs with Dead Hare, Painter: Gustave Courbet, 1857, French Painting

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