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Gorgeous Paintings with Flowers

Oil painting with gorgeous water lily

 Flowers are naturally occurring bright plants that have evolved on purpose over millions of years in order to be attractive to the insects and animals that use them for food. The pollen and seeds from those plants get attached to the bodies of insects and animals, which are then dispersed over the environment that those insects and animals cover during their day-to-day life.

 If you are wondering what gift to get your loved one then a good, simple idea that always seems to work is to get some beautiful flowers. People are attracted to bright colors, and you can rest assured that flowers come in such bright colors. Research also shows that having flowers around you can help you with relaxation and easing stress.

 Such amazing flowers can be viewed in these gorgeous paintings with flowers.

 Plants such as flowers are very simple organisms that lack a nervous system and the ability to make decisions. However, they are still one of the most popular things to draw as they are so colorful and bright that a simple painting of a flower can lighten up the decor of a room.

 Moreover, it is a great starting point for beginner painters that want to write something beautiful that they can be proud of, but also something not too complicated where they will be destined for failure. Either way, it will be a learning curve at the start, however, over time all dedicated artists will find their ideal method and style of painting flowers.

 You are easy to take a look below at some of the best paintings that we could find of flowers that you can use for inspiration for your own artwork or if you simply enjoy looking at paintings.

Original oil painting with gorgeous peony

Many beautiful violets, original painting

Multicolored flower arrangement, original painting

Delicate scarlet roses, oil painting on canvas

Bright floral still life, original oil painting

Painting with white and blue flowers

Wonderful water lily, original oil painting

Oil painting with pink and purple flowers

Amazing flowers, oil painting on canvas

Original oil painting with lotus flower

Painting with various bright flowers

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