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Paintings of the Great Painter Vincent van Gogh with Flowers

Irises, Vincent van Gogh, 1889, Original painting

 Vincent van Gogh is a world-renowned painter from the Netherlands; the artisan was born on the 30th of March 1853. He is famous for his imagination and uniqueness that was part of his artworks, the majority of which were created in a timeframe of just a decade.

 Born in the town of Zundert, into an affluent family. As a child, he was shy, but his taste and love for art also developed during this period of time thanks to his mother who made the young van Gogh draw as an outlet to his unhappiness during that period of his life.

 During his life, he never became as popular as he is today, it wasn’t until the 17th of March 1901, that his popularity skyrocketed after his artwork was exhibited at the Bernheim-Jeune gallery which is one of the oldest art galleries in Paris.

 The painter, today remains of the most popular artists in the world thanks to his creative and unique art style that saw him become a leading pioneer of the post-impressionism art style.

 In this article of paintings of the great painter Vincent van Gogh with flowers we are going to be providing you with in-depth information.

Painting Title: Irises. Painter: Vincent van Gogh. Date Created: 1890. Dutch Painting.

Irises, Painter: Vincent van Gogh, 1890, Dutch Painting, Original painting

 This painting is one of many artworks by the Dutch painter that carry the name of the flower ‘Iris’. The Iris plant, also known as Irises in its plural form, is a common flower that takes its name from the Greek word for ‘Rainbow’.

 The painting was completed in May 1890, which was a month before the artisan checked himself out of the mental asylum in Saint-Remy, in the province of Provence of France. The artist’s mental health suffered throughout his life and in 1890 at the age of 37, he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

 In this artwork, you can see a total of four bouquets of Blue Irises that are placed inside an elegant white vase. Van Gogh wanted to make the artist’s creation feel ‘Harmonious and Soft’ to the viewer, which is why he decided to go with a light pink background that complements well the subjects of the artwork.

 Today you can find this creation of his in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This museum is the largest art museum in the whole of the United States.

Painting Title: Oleanders. Painter: Vincent van Gogh. Date Created: 1888. Dutch Painting.

Oleanders, Painter: Vincent van Gogh, 1888, Dutch Painting, Original painting

 Van Gogh was a big fan of the Oleander flowering tree due to its lush blooming period which the artist himself described as ‘Inexhaustible’. In this creation, you can see a jug that features a light and dark blue coloring, as well as a leaf decoration. This jug, made from a material known as maiolica is present in a number of other flower-based artworks of the famous Dutch artist.

 The jug with the Oleander flower is placed on a table, with the background being a shade of light green that is pigmented with darker greens. While on the left side you have two books, the bottom book is the Bible while the book on top is a novel known as The Bright Side of Life by Emile Zola.

 During his adult life, he worked as an art dealer and even became a Protestant missionary that tried to promote his denomination’s view of Christianity in Southern Belgium.

 Throughout his life he continued to draw and paint, focusing on a wide variety of subjects such as still lifes of his neighbors, the working class, and the environment. It wasn’t until the painter turned 27 in 1880, that he became a full-time artist, during which time he created over 2,100 pieces of art.

Painting Title: Irises. Painter: Vincent van Gogh. Date Created: 1889. Dutch Painting.

Irises, Painter: Vincent van Gogh, 1889, Dutch Painting, Original painting

 The painter created this artwork in 1889, a year before he died. This is at a period of time of the artist’s life during which he was in a mental asylum, throughout this time the artisan began to paint a lot of Iris plants since they were abundant in the garden of the hospital that he happened to be staying at.

 The artist decided to dedicate himself to his art as he believed that it was the only thing that will happen to keep him sane and allow him to keep going. After it was completed, the artwork was sent to his brother Theo, who later passed it on to an art association known as the ‘Salon des Independants’.

 In this third piece of art that we have featured in this article of paintings of the great painter Vincent van Gogh with flowers. You have a number of different flowers.

 The most prominent flowers displayed are the Blue Irises, in the between those flowers you can also see a rarer white Iris as well as orange flowers in the background. The oil painting was inspired by the mental asylum’s garden, where the artist happened to be being treated during that period of time.

Painting Title: Roses. Painter: Vincent van Gogh. Date Created: 1890. Dutch Painting.

Roses, Painter: Vincent van Gogh, 1890, Dutch Painting, Original painting

 This piece of art along with the Irises (1890) was owned by van Gogh’s mother until her death in 1907. The artwork is known as ‘Vase with White Roses’, It was created on the day before the painter was about to leave the mental asylum that he happened to be residing in 1890, the still life shows three bouquets of white roses.

 The flowers are located inside of a vibrant green vase that stands out from the light pink surface that the filled vase is placed upon as well as the light green background.

 Additionally, outside of the vase, you are able to see dead flowers and petals which are more grayish and yellowish in color to show the loss of life. This is particularly interesting as the artist was going through a dark period in his life, and just a few months later he would commit suicide.

 This oil-based artwork is located upon a canvas that has been previously used to paint pink roses with some parts of those pink roses still being visible in the Roses artwork.

Painting Title: Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase. Painter: Vincent van Gogh. Date Created: 1890. Dutch Painting.

Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, Painter: Vincent van Gogh, 1890, Dutch Painting, Original painting

 Moreover, we have the Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase piece of art to finally discuss among the other paintings of the great painter Vincent van Gogh with flowers. Another late piece of art in the post-impressionism art style was completed in the year 1890; however, the exact date is not known as for some reason van Gogh did not mention this piece of art in his diaries.

 The still life is of an unknown number of mixed flower bouquets that have been put together inside of a white vase that is made of porcelain.

 It features a lot of shadings of blue as well as brick-like shapes which were a style that the Dutch artist began to incorporate in the late part of his career mainly in his landscape portraits. Historians believe that the bouquets were assembled and the piece of art was created in Paris.

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