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Wonderful Paintings of Delicious Fruits

Oil painting on canvas two green apples on a red background

 Fruits are a sweet delicacy that is loved by billions of people all around the world; it was arguably one of the first indulgences that humans had the privilege to enjoy. To this day fruit remain a key part of our diet, no matter how much our civilization has advanced technologically we still need the loveliness found in fruit such as vitamins and minerals, so we can have a long and healthy life.

 The beauty of fruits is that they are very filling but are also generally very low in calories, so by eating fruits you can make sure that you are never hungry while also helping you not gain any weight. Which is great if you are planning to become more healthy and get in better shape.

 Apart from that fruits taste amazing, thanks to their high content of naturally occurring sugars that are found in most plants. Although some fruits such as avocados are not sweet and are generally eating in salads or as a sandwich topping.

 What makes a plant a fruit, is not whether it is sweet or not, but instead whether it comes from a flowering plant that grows from located in the plant itself. This is why you will often find that many fruits such as olives, bell pepper, avocados, and cucumbers are often confused as vegetables when in fact they are fruit.

 You can see such fruits in the wonderful paintings of delicious fruits that we have presented in this article.

 Painting is a powerful hobby that you can only truly understand how fun and stress releasing it is by having a go at this mesmerizing process that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Awesome to look at paintings with fruits. These are inspiring moments.

 Below we have featured some of the best paintings that we were able to find of the most delicious fruits in the world, that have been grown by experienced and passionate farmers.

Original oil painting of two ripe mangoes

Original painting of a lot of ripe plums

Painting two large red pears

Painting with of delicious red apples

Oil painting fruit pineapple

Original oil painting peach with seed

Oil painting two oranges on a blue background

Oil painting set of exotic fruits

Oil painting on canvas delicious grapefruit

Original painting with two green pears

Original oil painting with avocado

Original painting lemons in a plate

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