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Greedy People and Money

Picture of a greedy man with a water pipe from which money flows

 Who wouldn’t want to have a lot of money to do whatever they want? Think of all the things you can do as well as all of the things that you will not have to worry about as well as all the cool things that you can purchase such as supercars, tree houses that are around the same size as a real house and filling up your cellars with wines that are hundreds of years old. Owning all these things is admittedly super cool, but why do you need to have them to be happy?

 In this post with pictures about greedy people and money, we are going to be taking a glimpse at the weird and funky world of the super-rich who can have whatever they want.

 These people do not have a good grasp of how the real world works as they do not have to do anything that they do not want to do such as menial and laborious jobs.

 But instead sleep for as long as they want, party as hard as they want and then pay others to pick up the consequences for them thanks to the amazing amount of money that they have.

Many people may have not had a taste of the good things in life, and this is like a good thing because when they do, they are likely to never be able to let go of such things and live without them. Such as the weekly massages that help you to relax and to bring in life to the sore muscles and joints in your body that are sore not from working too hard but partying and enjoying themselves too hard.

 Below we have compiled an ultra-hilarious collection of pictures of greedy people enjoying all the heaps of money that they have at their disposal.

The cosmonaut holds bundles of money over his head

Picture of a greedy woman with a statement about a huge amount of money in a bank account

A man shows off his biceps and symbolizes the power of money

Rich man sitting at a table with a heaps of money

Picture of a happy woman who receives the keys to a new car as a gift

Picture of a greedy man burying his bags of money in the ground

Attractive man in a business suit and with a bow tie in the form of a banknote

Beautiful girl who declares that she loves money very much

Picture of a greedy woman sitting on a floor strewn with money

The magician who pulls out a rabbit with money from his hat

The girl is talking on the phone and demands to return her money

Picture of a surprised woman who saw a lot of money

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