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Romantic Paintings with Butterflies

Oil painting with many colorful butterflies

 Butterflies are one of the most popular insects in the world, thanks to their innocent behavior where they are not known for biting or stinging people, as well as for their vibrant patterns. The butterflies have a very interesting life that starts off with them being in the form of butterfly larvae and after between two or five weeks depending on the species they turn into butterflies.

 Furthermore, butterflies are a major symbol of romance, as they represent the changes that happen in your body when you fall in love with someone. The changes in your body mindset are supposed to symbolize the major changes that butterflies go through in their own adventurous lives.

 It is also related to that popular phrase that you may have heard of ‘Someone Giving You Butterflies’. This means that someone is happy or excited by another person that they have a romantic interest in, which further reinforces the romantic significance of butterflies.

 These paintings give new emotions and spiritual impulse. You will be able to see this in our romantic paintings with butterflies.

 Insects such as butterflies are very delicate creatures; they therefore represent the delicateness of love itself. Love takes a lot of passion and hard work to make it work, and you will make some mistakes along the way. Not all romantic relationships are going to blossom from butterfly larvae to a full-grown butterfly, but the ones that do are going to be worth it.

 Many people are insecure about their painting, creative, and artistic skills, so they will never paint in their lives outside of the mandatory art classes at school. However, there is nothing to be scared about; painting is scientifically proven to help with stress release and also boosting creativity in a person.

 You can take a look below, of the paintings that we have out of beautiful butterflies showing off their rich patterns.

Oil painting yellow butterfly with a red tint

Oil painting butterfly blue with a dark blue tint

Oil painting blue butterfly with red and pink dots on the wings

Romantic painting orange butterfly with a yellow tint

Painting orange butterfly with white dots on the wings

Painting blue butterfly with yellow dots on the wings

Painting blue butterfly with white and red dots on the wings

Romantic painting blue butterfly with a turquoise shade

Painting burgundy butterfly with blue, orange and yellow dots on the wings

Painting burgundy butterfly with blue, brown and yellow dots on the wings

Painting brown butterfly with blue, turquoise and yellow dots on the wings

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