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Fascinating Pictures with Different Hand Gestures

Picture with a hand gesture a sign of all is Ok

 Hand gestures are something that is universal in all cultures around the world, with many cultures having their own hand gestures. In fact, it is likely that before languages were finally created, hand gestures were widely used as a form of communication. Additionally, hand gestures would have been an easy and quiet method of communication when the prehistoric humans were hunting and trying not to alert the animals to their presence.

 Today in the modern world, there are many hand gestures that are universal, signs such as the ‘Ok’ sign that is done by forming a circle with your thumb and index fingers and then allowing your other three fingers to stick out. Moreover, there is the ‘Love’ hand gesture, which is done by simply forming a heart shape with both of your hands.

 Finally, there is the ‘Victory’ hand sign that was popularized by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Second World War when he would purposely pose in pictures while making the sign in or order to inspire the British people. This sign is done by showing your index and middle finger together.

 You can have a look at these and other gestures in our fascinating pictures with different hand gestures.

 For the majority of people including the most prominent artists today, our hands were the first thing that we drew by placing them on a piece of paper and tracing around them. All artists have since moved on from such elementary level artwork, but it still remains as an important and cherished moment in their life, as it was their first foray into appreciating art.

 You can have a look at more advanced artworks of hand gestures made by strong, gentle and well-manicured hands below.

Picture with a hand gesture a sign of Victory

Picture with a hand gesture Good Luck

Picture with gesturing hands Stop

Picture with a hand gesture a sign of Love

Hand gesture everything is Fine

Woman's hand makes a Bang gesture

Funny picture with a hand gesture a sign of all is Ok

Hand gesture to start a Fun Party

Strong hands broke a pencil and a Crack sound

Picture with raised hands after a Goal is scored

Picture with a gesture Pow

Picture with a strong male Handshake

Picture with a gesture Girls Rock

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