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Paintings with the Faces of Fantastic Women

Oil painting with a beautiful female face

 Female beauty is something that people value all around the world. Majority of men dream of having a good-looking female partner of their dreams that will have the particular looks that they happen to be attracted to. There are different beauty standards all around the world; beauty standards for women are part of that particular place’s culture.

 For example, in some cultures, it is deemed more attractive for women to be more tanned such as in the United States and the United Kingdom while in other countries such as Japan and South Korea it is deemed more attractive to have paler skin. Furthermore, some men will find skinnier women more attractive while other men would find bigger sized women more attractive based entirely on their personal preference.

 But nobody will disagree regardless of their personal preference or the culture they find themselves in that the face is one of the most attractive parts of a woman. Just the simple gaze of a beautiful woman can make a man breathless! Apart from that, you have a smile; a great wide smile can disarm almost anyone. And many men who have been surveyed admit that a woman who likes to smile makes her many more times more attractive to them.

 When a woman smiles she is acting in a welcoming way towards others, and it can give others the confidence to interact with them. These beautiful faces are presented in the paintings with the faces of fantastic women.

 Faces are a piece of mesmerizing art in themselves, it is truly amazing how such randomly sized features can individually come together and create such beauty. Paintings of faces also known as portraits are one of the most popular types of paintings in the world, after all, the face is the most identifying feature of a person.

 We have searched for and put together paintings of such beautiful female faces that you are welcome to check out below.

Girl face with blue eyes, original painting

Oil painting woman with a deep look

Oil painting with the face of a cute girl

Oil painting with the face of a fantastic woman

Girl with green eyes, original painting

Woman with piercing eyes, original painting

Attractive woman with bright face, original oil painting

Oil painting with a predatory woman face

Original oil painting with attractive woman face

Painting with the face of a pretty woman

Face of a beautiful woman with red lips, original painting

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