Painting with sea waves and flying seagulls




Oil Paintings by the River in the Forest

Oil painting forest, stones and river

 Rivers are a naturally occurring phenomenon that shapes society and the world around us. Most of the world is not exposed to the vast bodies of water such as oceans and the sea. The rivers around us help bring water and nutrients that are important for in-land agriculture and are the key driving forces behind the development of all major inland cities such as New York, London, Paris, and Berlin which are home to multiple rivers that have helped to make those cities epicenters in their respective countries.

 But apart from that rivers are a great location for people to relax by. Rivers are a lot safer than the open seas, and you can enjoy them in peace and quiet, as you can always find a nice spot under the shade of a tree to chill out by with your friends and family.

 Furthermore, you do not have to travel to enjoy the great rivers that your cities have available. Instead, you can just turn on maps on your phone and then go on a walk or take a quick ride on public transportation, and you will be there without any fuss or trouble.

 We have shown off some of these great rivers in our oil paintings by the river in the forest.

 Often in many of the big cities in the world, the only real environment and wildlife for the residents of such metropolises to enjoy is the beauty of the river. You can use this opportunity, to craft a perfect romantic moment for you and your partner that will be original and also will not cost a lot of money, such as by having a picnic on the riverfront.

 You do not need to be the professional artist in order to paint, the most important thing is that you enjoy it and benefit from it. Get creative and be inspired by paintings. We have spent some time finding and gathering together some great paintings of rivers and their surrounding landscapes of all different kinds that you can check out below.

Original oil painting on canvas, dense forest and river

Landscape, trees with yellow and red leaves, river shore, oil painting

Oil painting trees in the forest with yellow and red leaves and river

Oil painting beautiful forest and river

Landscape, tree with yellow leaves and river, oil painting

Painting forest and river at sunset

Forest with trees and river, oil painting

Forest with pine and spruce, river shore, oil painting

Painting with a magnificent view of the forest and the river

Forest, stones and river flows, original oil painting

Trees with green and yellow leaves on the river shore, oil painting

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