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Paintings with Landscapes of Famous Painters

View in the Bentheim Forest, George Andries Roth, Original Painting

 The beauty of art is something that in many cases requires a lot of work to achieve the result, for example, many people love to play sports in nature and put a lot of effort into staying fit. On the other hand, one of the most beautiful things in the world happens naturally, all you have to do is leave it unharmed.

 What we are talking about are landscapes, they vary from place to place, but all provide a relaxing feeling that helps us to forget about our problems for a while. This is why landscape paintings are so popular and why some of the most prominent painters in the world specialize exclusively in this art form.

 To this day, in the modern world when we witness nature we are given the opportunity to reconnect with the place where our ancestors lived. Even if you happen to be a very well-educated person, there is likely a lot that you can learn from simply spending time in the wild.

 You can view such amazingly crafted landscapes in this article about paintings with landscapes of famous painters.

 Not all of us have the time or opportunity to frequently witness beautiful landscapes, however, if that person has an incredible painting in their home that they can glance at frequently this can have a similar if not the same effect.

 No matter what the weather happens to be, you will always be able to view the perfect composition hang up on your wall. It can also be the start of your foray into painting, which can be a great release of stress and also an outlet for your imagination.

 You can take inspiration by taking a look at some of the landscape paintings of famous painters that we have put together below.

Painting Title: Aqua Cetosa near Rome (Acetosa). Painter: Pieter Rudolph Kleijn. Date Created: 1810. Dutch Painting.

Aqua Cetosa near Rome (Acetosa), Painter: Pieter Rudolph Kleijn, 1810, Dutch Painting, Original Painting

Painting Title: The Waterfall at Tivoli. Painter: Abraham Teerlink. Date Created: 1824. Dutch Painting.

The Waterfall at Tivoli, Painter: Abraham Teerlink, 1824, Dutch Painting, Original Painting

Painting Title: The Cemetery at Baden-Baden. Painter: Pierre Louis Dubourcq. Date Created: 1855. Dutch Painting.

The Cemetery at Baden-Baden, Painter: Pierre Louis Dubourcq, 1855, Dutch Painting, Original Painting

Painting Title: View in the Bentheim Forest. Painter: George Andries Roth. Date Created: 1870. Dutch Painting.

View in the Bentheim Forest, Painter: George Andries Roth, 1870, Dutch Painting, Original Painting

Painting Title: Arcadian Landscape. Painter: Jan Willem Pieneman. Date Created: 1813. Dutch Painting.

Arcadian Landscape, Painter: Jan Willem Pieneman, 1813, Dutch Painting, Original Painting

Painting Title: The Heath near Wolfheze. Painter: Johannes Warnardus Bilders. Date Created: 1866. Dutch Painting.

The Heath near Wolfheze, Painter: Johannes Warnardus Bilders, 1866, Dutch Painting, Original Painting

Painting Title: View of Haarlem. Painter: Andreas Schelfhout. Date Created: 1844. Dutch Painting.

View of Haarlem, Painter: Andreas Schelfhout, 1844, Dutch Painting, Original Painting

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