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Paintings with Bridges in the Forest

Painting with a bridge in the forest

 Bridges are one of the first structures alongside shelter that humans ever built. There were key ways of getting around and transporting food and your belongings without getting wet, which can be detrimental in colder weather. Today, bridges are used for a variety of uses; they are built over busy motorways and can link multi-floor skyscrapers up in the air with each other.

 However, the purest and simplest form of bridges is those that you can find in your local forest. These bridges may consist of just a few large logs that you then have to carefully traverse across, or they could be a small, perfectly crated bridge made out of manufactured wood and metal that is held together by a number of bolts and nails.

 Often the bridges in our forests will be the only man-made structure in our forests. They serve a key role as they help as cross the rivers and streams that will likely wind their way through the forest. Additionally, they are key to navigating and not getting lost in your forests. As they will outline that you are on an official path that leads somewhere, and also they will be widely used, so it will increase your chances of meeting another person and asking them for directions.

 You can see some of those key pieces of infrastructure in our paintings with bridges in the forest.

 Bridges are a very interesting thing to write because they offer a lot of contrast. You have the bridge itself in being the centerpiece, and then you have the slim body of water below that can be seen traveling away in the distance, and then the whole scene is being hugged by two bodies of trees on either side. If you are looking for a creative activity to get your mind off whatever happens to be stressing you out, then you should definitely have a go at painting.

 We have spent some time on finding some great paintings of bridges located in forests all around the world that you are free to check out below.

Various trees in the forest and bridge, oil painting

Painting with a wooden bridge in the forest

Original oil painting with a bridge in the forest

Beautiful painting with a winding bridge in the forest

Trees and a bridge in a dense forest, original painting

Dense forest and wooden bridge, original oil painting on canvas

Dense forest and bridge in the forest, original painting

Trees and bridge in the forest, original painting

Original painting with yellow leaves and a bridge in the forest

Trees with yellow foliage and wooden bridge, oil painting

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